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Book My Consult - Bookmyconsult was created with the aim of providing a single platform to healthcare providers and healthcare seekers. In a hectic world where people find no time to take care of their own health and the health of their loved ones, this serves as a time, effort and cost efficient platform. Now affordable and efficient healthcare is just a click away! 



The user can search DOCTOR based on location, specialty or by doctors name. When they search through our website, they could find a list of doctors’ names. From that list, a particular doctor could be selected and also you could retrieve the profile of the doctor of your choice. Patients have the option to follow their favorite doctors, so that they will get email alerts when a new health related article is added. Doctors can reach out thousands of patients, which help them to increase their exposure and reputation.

The user can search HOSPITALS based on location, sub location or by hospital name. When they search through our website, they could find a list of hospitals. From that list you get the address and contact number, a particular hospital could be selected and you could get to know in detail about the services provided.

The user can search LABS based on location, sub location or by lab name. When they search through our website, they could find a list of Labs. From that list you get the address and contact number, a particular lab could be selected and you could get to know in detail about the services provided.


User can use this facility to get expert advice on non emergency conditions and for opinions on simple medical problems; it is Free! User can ask health related queries 24/7 from anywhere. In this Case the Users identity would not be revealed to Doctor or other users; the questions are forwarded to specialized doctors and interested doctors can respond, Doctors interaction to their patients queries would help the doctors to showcase their knowledge and expertise. Doctors also have the option to either agree or disagree with the other doctors’ answers without being revealed their identities. These queries and answers will be viewable for similar queries posted. Patients will be intimidated when their questions are answered by doctor. This service also allows patients to write comments about doctors and makes the comment visible for others to read.


User could take appointments; they can take appointment from listed doctors that provide clinic practice. Confirmation/Cancellations of the appointment would be made with the clinic directly. This will expose the availability of doctors which can increase the number of patients to Clinics.


Healthcare seekers can choose a doctor from the list of doctors registered with us and consult with them through any of these three options:

1. Telephonic consultation
2. Video consultation
3. Email consultation

Forget the hassle of having traveling to hospitals/ clinics, waiting in queues, paying recurrent registration charges at hospitals, etc and consult with your doctor from the comfort of your home! Our services are especially beneficial to working professionals who find it difficult to allot time for hospitals visits and for the elderly who find it difficult to travel.
Our services are available to all our registered users and registration is FREE! All you need to pay is the doctors consultation fee and be ready with your reports and any other information that the doctor might need for the treatment. All our doctors are from within Kerala and we keep their details updated always. Patients can choose the doctor and make an appointment for online or telephonic consultation after referring the availability calendar of each doctor. At the end of the consultation, patients are allowed to leave comments for each doctor, which will be made visible to future patients as well.


Health related information; articles (by expert doctors) are frequently added to the website. It enables the Users to have an up-to-date knowledge on health and all new information related to health. New health related blogs by doctors would help them to showcase their expertise and knowledge.


At Bookmyconsult you can get information of Health packages available in different department of health care and receive attractive Discounts on Booking through us.


At Bookmyconsult both the health care providers and health care seekers are benefitted equally; consequently the service is growing rapidly here we make the healthcare more easily accessible and create more possibilities for health care seekers eventually enabling doctors to free up more time.

  • Health Care Seekers:

The website provides the details of doctors such as hospital affiliations, office hours, medical credentials, health articles posted by professionals are available. We keep our website up-to-date so that all the details (especially like health and expert health blogs) would be updated from time to time. Our motto is to help you in searching and acquiring highly specialized doctors.

• Registration is totally FREE! Simple and Convenient.
• Users would get genuine answers for the queries.
• No more frustration with waiting at clinics/ hospitals.
•Consult Doctor at your convenience.
• Get reliable information about health care services.

Don’t just choose any doctor; choose the best one for you – only by approaching our service.

  • Health Care Providers:

This service increases the visibility of Doctors. Each healthcare practitioner gets a dedicated web address (e.g. www.bookmyconsult.com/doctor/AshokJain) – thus they would have a greater exposure.
Book My Consult service is marketed through social media and other traditional and non-traditional media to allow patients to make the appointments instantly. Patients could make the appointment so appropriately that or else they might not have any other sources to reach you.

• Showcases your experience and expertise.
•Showcases your achievements and qualifications.
•Enhances your online presence and identity.
•Provides online appointment facilities.
• Increases your reputation.
• You could cancel an appointment with an ease of one click.
•You could set and manage your own schedule.
• You could reduce the number of calls regarding schedule and timing enquiry.